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Our Services


dry cleaning

Deluxe service, couture cleaning, vintage restoration and other precious garments receive the highest level of care.

Wedding dress cleaning and preservation

When we receive your treasured wedding dress, we carry out a thorough inspection to determine which cleaning process best suits your gown and what stains need treatment, paying special attention to the underarms, neckline and hemline. We use the gentlest processes taking care of delicate fabrics, beading and embellishments.  Once cleaned, we re-inspect and hand spot all remaining stains until we are satisfied that the dress has received the best possible result. Upon completion, we will then wrap and layer your dress in acid free tissue paper and place into an archive box for preservation.

Shirt service

Men’s business, casual and formal shirts.

Household furnishings

Doonas, rugs, blankets, drapes, couch covers etc

Specialty items

Shoes, hats, bags 

Suede, leather and fur cleaning


Repairs and alterations

Domain Dry Cleaners has a garment repair and alteration service including replacing zippers, re-hemming and shortening trousers and skirts, taking in trousers and replacing buttons. Items for repair need to be measured up, or pinned prior to bringing them into the store.


laundry service

Tablecloths, napkins, bed linen etc

Our laundry service uses state of the art, industrial washing extractors, dryers and pressing machinery which delivers optimum cleaning and pressing results, which cannot be achieved at home.

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